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is it by mistake or design?

a ghost story in georgia

i'm so scurred. after the futbol game i was channel surfing. and thar was a ghost story on the discovery channel. it was two hours long. it started off with the parents and the little girl. she didn't have many friends, i guess they had just moved there. and the little girl had this friend Mr. Gordy who she has described to her madre as a tall man wearing a black suit with white hair. and they grew really close. and her mom thought nothing of this man, just like a regular imaginary frand. so, one day the little girl hears a knock on the door and she opens the door and finds a man in a white bloody shirt holding his bloody hand in a rag. she asks if he's okay and he just stands there. and so the little girl runs to the kitchen to her mom and tells her there's a man at the door whos hurt. and the mom finds no one. on another day..actually during the night..the little girl awakes to find a dark figure with no face in her door way. and sjust so creepy. her parents hardly believe her until this woman who's family used to live in the house started to talk about how the family had a care taker. his name was james gordy. creepy. the parents are freaked out by this time. and ask the little girl to look through some pictures. and she is able to pick out who the man in the bloody t-shirt was. this litle girl is like..4/5 and unable to read. and when they head to the grave yard. it's as if she knew where this grave was all along. and she asks her father to read the grave..and sure's his.
these people don't want to move so they talk to a psychologist who specializes in paranormal caca. and he basically tells them there are no's all in the little girls head, i think her name is h---eidi?
one night, this kid wakes up with scratches on her face. and the next couple of nights, her father has the same scratches. all this paranormal stuff goes on through out the years. the little girl is now a teen. and she is still able to see spirits. and now her mother is able to sense/see them at times. they start hearing laughing in the hallways. different voices. the mother claims they're demonic voices. and says it's as if they're talking about her right above her bed post. at one point they see one of the chairs in the kitchen move by itself. and at this point. they have welcomed a new baby to the family who is already 9 or so. and the sister of the mom has moved next door. and the spirits are a regular thing to both families. just moreso with the other first family.
anyway, so they have professional medians come in. the medians know nothing of the family or anything that has happened. and they are able to pretty much confirm everything that is going on. and confirm that the mother and daughter are in fact medians themselves. they say that there is a really evil entity in the house, but a positive spirit is able to keep that entity out of the girls' room.
and it ends with the family realizing that they just can't pack up and leave, that they will probably live with this for the rest of thar lives, but it was getting better the last few months?
sry for any mistakes.
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