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New Music

Ive been wanting to buy this C.D. for awhile now,
but I didnt want to feel like it was a trendy buy..you know.
So I decided to wait until it came up again on my mind to buy.
My friend Jordan was given the C.D. for Xmas, so he has been
listening to it lately. The other night he was slaving over learning
and singing the song Twilight. This guy is all about some hard rock,
metal, and etc type stuff. So, of course I was inspired by his
sudden revelation to this music
(he didnt even know the whole business about Elliot this past year)
So I bought this C.D. and its juicy.

So, in addition I bought this because it had a song
on it that Ive heard/liked. I need to get XO
definitly..its too bad I only have randomly burnt songs of his.
I like them, I dont know why I never bought any of his stuff earlier..

Shut up. It has good songs on it, so far with out a doubt, I like tracks:
3. A Movie Script Ending - Death Cab for Cutie (acoustic version)
13. We All Have a Map of the Piano - Mum
16. I Know You Are But What Am I? - Mogwai
17. The Scientist - Johnette Napolitano & Danny Lohner (exclusive)
wtf thar was another C.D. I bought...

Ok, I remember (well I ran to my car to see what C.D. it was, actually)
Anyhew, I bought that The O.C. soundtrack, cause it had one song on thar I liked from when I actually watched an episode..but I really dont care for that song now, I like some others on thar..most of the C.D. is decent, but these are the ones I like best:
9. Big Sur -- The Thrills
14. Walnut Tree -- Keane
Im pretty sure there's another song but I cant remember which one..so yeah.

also..for some reason, I made tated a banner? I was bored, I redid my whole userinfo page..yeah..anyway

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